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Think back on your college years, for a moment. What kind of training did you undergo to receive your teaching certification? Were you instructed to mold your classroom activities to the different learning modes? Did you cater to your students’ needs so that all learners gained valuable experience in the classroom? Reflect on your old ways of teaching, and of how they are displaced today by a world of technological revolution. Most classrooms now host at least some computers, or schedule time out of each week to visit a lab and do some tech mining. Weekly Writer offers differentiated learning strategies to each of the three kinds of learners, strategies to prepare them for such a revolution.


Auditory Learners

Some students require a voice of instruction, or even just a repeated pattern of sounds to help them grasp the concept at hand. This is why many students venture toward the arts, in musical fields and spoken word. Their brains are wired to productivity as sounds motivate them to retain information. Weekly Writer offers audio recordings of each passage students read for the Read, Interpret, Predict (RIP & Write) process of this 36-week program. Author Darren Butler makes virtual in-class visits to assist students and provide a fresh face and voice to help them in their pursuit of literacy.

Visual Learners

Likewise, Weekly Writer plants video lessons into each of the Let’s Write lessons, so that students have a strong visual to take root in their memory. Weekly Writer was designed to forgo skimming and scanning, to eliminate the “learn, test, dump,” routine students find themselves falling into, and to replace these old methods with true comprehension of reading and writing literacy. Within Let’s Write are lessons for Understanding a mode of writing, Brainstorming ideas, Planning the written exercise, Writing, and Revision/Editing. These videos contain visuals for mind mapping when brainstorming ideas, images to associate lessons with, and more.

Kinesthetic “Touch” Learners

Because we live in a digital age, the need for digital literacy is growing. Schools across the world are introducing online reosurces and web work as orientation for students growing up in the digital age. When our students go away to college, they will be using learning management systems such as Schoology, Canvas, Blackboard and more to navigate and complete their assignments for automatic grading. The sooner we introduce this kind of learning option to our classrooms, the better. Kinesthetic learners get to have the hands on experience of building pages, interacting with different modes of submission, and are even encouraged to work in groups and share their discussions with the class.

Weekly Writer is designed to prepare our students for the most successful education they can have. It is taught across subjects; it is not strictly based in language arts. Schools scoring as low as 8% on students passing state based writing assessments soared to the 90th-100th percentile, using Butler’s methods. Not only does Weekly Writer improve assessment scores and grade school performance, but it prepares individuals for greater success in a competitive work force and ultimately for a better life filled with opportunity for growth.

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