Discovering the Three Es

Starting the year on the right foot is a challenge we highly anticipate. Teachers have been making lesson plans, decorating and stocking the classroom, and preparing to welcome back students with a passionate heart. Students electrify the hallways with the energy of seeing friends again, and the curiosity for what they might learn. You’ve pulled together this year’s curriculum, and still, you need resources to aid your lesson plans. I’m here to tell you about a writing resource that will provide your students with the Three Es of learning excellence: Enabled, Engaged, and Empowered.

Weekly Writer is a year-round writing resource that enables students to become lifelong writers. Developed by children’s author Darren Butler, Weekly Writer provides lessons that cater to the needs of all learning styles. The writing resource is composed of four elements which tie together the process of writing (from rough draft all the way to complete, original product) and a close reading strategy students can use across the curriculum. How’s it done? Check this out!


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