Don Your Cape and Conquer the World


Let’s be honest… teachers are real life superheroes. How often do we hear parents complain about their twin tyrants (in their “terrible twos,” not to mention) destroying the house and any patience that once sufficed for a new mother? How quickly does the knee-jerk reaction kick in before you can stop the words, “Try being a kindergarten teacher?”

We’ve all been there. Education is no easy field. It has its critics, but they don’t keep many followers. Those who put a damper on the hard work you’ve spent training yourself fail to realize one thing. You labor for hours on end to deliver quality education, and these parents sometimes cannot understand the daily miracles you work for their precious children. Yes, education is hard. It takes dedication, intrinsic motivation, and a passion that sweeps over a classroom, a school, a district. You, my friend, are an educator. You are the reason the Oprahs, the Steve Jobses and the Ellens thrive. You are the sole encourager of a young spirit taking its first steps in the learning process. The reason “education” exists, and is so attainable, is because you wake up each morning, don your cape, and conquer the world.

Your responsibilities include:

•Settling a classroom of at least 20 different personalities and energy levels

•Teaching relevant, essential content in an active and engaging way

•Morphing educational lessons to align with state standards and personal learning objectives

•Catering to the vast learning styles and behavioral needs of each student

•Finding ways to foster growth, always striving to encourage and build, rather than roll a blind eye and debilitate those with behavioral problems

•Always tip-toeing on the edge of disciplinary action, despite the fact that the responsibility of a student’s accountability does not lie with you

•Understanding that these students might never be treated so well as they are when they step foot in your classroom, and treating them as brilliant individuals

•Recognizing that you spend more waking hours with these inquisitive creatures than their parents are able to, and loving them for their adaptive, curious character

•Keeping these things in mind, all at once, and designing each day of learning to maximize potential

•Continuing the cycle, cradle to cradle, with students for years to come– you face the day as an opportunity to change lives; oh, how you do

Yes, you are an educator. You are a passion sculptor, the fine line between an asset to society, and the one who “slipped through the cracks.” You do not receive enough recognition, pay, or even benefits for your dedication to the education standards set before you. We as a society thank you for your efforts.  We don’t say it enough. Thank you.

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