Taking the Tradition out of Education

Let’s talk tradition.

Many schools pride themselves on their ability to foster tradition and school spirit in its students. While tradition is a fine way of bonding students with a sense of connection, it is an outdated way to rely on learning methods.

When one thinks of the evolutionary advances that have been made, it becomes clear that nothing in this world is as it used to be. For example, take one of the first automobiles, and compare it to a Tesla. Compare the world’s first computer to today’s Macbook.




Needless to say, the brilliance of the world lies with those who accept the inevitability of change, and pursues the next step with enthusiasm.

Our students make up the work force for which we train them. Many will become artists, musicians, accountants and engineers. What they will not settle for is mimicking the career paths of those who were not afforded greater opportunity. You might have heard the running joke, millennials are the most self-centered members of society. But have you stopped to ask how that affects their education, their aspirations, their lives?

A traditional lecture hall will not satisfy the needs of a generation— and the one that follows— that is too observant, too driven, too challenging to settle for a traditional curriculum. Today’s students require technology implementation, collaboration, hands-on demonstration, and individualized learning. Their growth depends on it. How can you take out the traditional, and keep the education?

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